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Healing Qigong Meditation 
Part of healing means remembering life is mutual. As we heal, we wish others to be well, peaceful, happy and living to their fullest potential.
One of the benefits of Qigong is the ability to heal ourselves and to send that healing wherever it needs to go. In gratitude for all the healing I've received, I offer this easy and effective moving healing meditation. 
You'll find it on one of the DVDs included in Lee Holden's Qigong for Health and Healing course, but I think it's also on his Moving Meditation DVD. 
Please forgive the rough quality of the video. I'll edit it soon, but here it is, unedited.
This video from 2011 was created by a wonderful man who has recently formed a closed group on Facebook called Parkinson's Healing. It shows several tricks and techniques that reduce or eliminate dyskinesia, the involuntary muscle movements that can result from using Parkinson's medications. 

He has much more information to share and has now reduced his medication use. If you would like to contact him, please contact me via the form in the footer of this website and I will pass on your request.


Thank you, Paul, for allowing me to post this. 

What are your current challenges with Parkinson's? Have you overcome many challenges and improved? If so, please share how you managed to improve this allegedly progressive dis-ease!
     I love to find new helpful exercise and bodywork tools for healing. I have a nice collection, but I don't think they're too many. My husband may see it differently, but they all help or have helped, so he accepts the investment. Also, I gotta give credit to my mom who helped me buy the 2 most expensive items listed below, which would have been beyond our budget. Besides being "too expensive," some of your obstacles may be, "There is no where I can put this thing,"  or "He (or she) won't approve," or more. If you feel like these tools and devices may help you, but have too many obstacles that discourage you from getting them, I urge you to believe that where there's a will, there's a way. With this attitude, if there is any possible way to get them or get use of them, you may find that Spirit helps you manifest the device one way or the other. Here are my reviews and photos of the good, fair, and ugly here, listed in no particular order. I didn't picture weights and an exercise mat, but I highly recommend these items, too. 

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber mHBOT

I never would have considered getting one of these if it hadn't been for getting stem cell treatment. Mine is a Newtowne Seal 24. The benefits of mHBOT over regular HBOT that is offered in hospitals and some clinics make mHBOT better in some ways than the higher pressured chambers. The pressure in mHBOT only goes to 1.3 - 1.5 ATA (x atmospheric pressure) rather than 1.7 or above. 
Lower ATA is safer because you don't use 100% oxygen in these chambers. 100% oxygen can lead to explosions and accidents can and have happened. 
Lower ATA has fewer side effects.
Children with autism have been shown to benefit just as much from mHBOT as from regular HBOT.
It is safe to use electronic devices in ones like mine.
The condition of brain cells that before were assumed to be dead, as in the case of Parkinson's, brain damage, and other diseases, is in question. These brain cells may be receiving enough oxygen to live, but not enough to fire.  MHOBT forces oxygen to the organs through the pressure of gasses. The delivery isn't dependent on red blood cells and does a good job of providing more oxygen to the brain.
The body's own stem cells in circulation increase after several dives (sessions in chamber).
Nessie, my mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber
View from inside Nessie

Fisher Wallace Brain Stimulator
What I liked about the Brain Stimulator is that I could feel the electricity as I ramped it up to the proper level. It felt like little tappings on my temples. If I dialed it up too high, it hurt. So it was easy to find the level. What I didn't like was the inconvenience of wetting the electrodes every night and wearing the thing to bed. However, if it was effective, I was willing to try it. Unfortunately, it wasn't helpful for me. Luckily, I could try it for 6 months and then return it for most of my money back. The company was easy to deal with, so you may want to try it.
There are a few things I really appreciate about my rowing machine. It was less costly than other decent machines. It allows me to loosen up my shoulders when I row because of the free motion aspect as opposed to the straight forward, straight back movement. I can easily focus on the microcosmic orbit (an energy circuit that goes up the back and down the front) and by doing so, gain awareness of the flow of energy through my body and open up the channels. It can get the heart rate going and the breathing deeper and stronger. If I'm being lazy or need a distraction, I can turn on YouTube or Pandora and watch or listen while exercising. It's relatively quiet so it doesn't disturb other people in the room. It provides a good strengthening workout.
One of the things I don't like about it is the size and configuration of the pedals. They are so big and the little stop by the heel is
so small that my feet can easily slip out. This totally interrupts the flow, so it's a major drawback. I called the manufacturer, who said they have no other pedal styles available. So I epoxied on a strip of fabric behind the heel which acts like a brake for my feet. It works ok. but I would very much prefer being able to strap my feet in barefooted and not have them come out. I must wear big clunky shoes to make the pedals work. Yuck!
Avari Free Motion Rowing Machine



The Theracycle was useful when I thought I had Lyme's Disease because it allowed me to move when my doctor really said I needed not to tire myself out (the exactly wrong suggestion for PD). After Icouldn't exercise much, it allowed me to start moving enough that I eventually preferred to use my own momentum to exercise. I was able to sell it without much difficulty on eBay. Shipping would have been expensive if a man who owned a Parkinson's clinic a few states away hadn't sent a friend to pick it up in his SUV.

Rebounder with stabilizer bar

rebounder without stabilizer bar
I've written about my rebounder before, but I'd love to repeat how useful it has been. I also practice qigong, and bouncing on the heels is great for getting the chi flowing. It's not easy for me to inhale through the nose while bouncing, then exhale through the mouth while continuing to bounce. The rhythm gets all messed up.  But breathing that way while bouncing on the rebounder is no problem. With Parkinson's, it often feels like the energy flow gets stuck in a few places that continue to be chronic blockages, even though I can get them unblocked temporarily. The rebounder is often useful for getting the dopamine flowing. When I ask my body what it needs (a communication that has been made possible through qigong) it doesn't always say it needs to bounce. Sometimes I need to rest, to hang upside down, to eat, to get creative, to clean the house, or whatever, but at least half the time, the answer is that it needs to bounce, I bounce anywhere from 2 minutes to 45 minutes. The brand I own is a Rebound-air Rebounder with a stabilizer bar and it has held up well over the years. I replace springs every now and then when one breaks, but that just confirms that I use the thing. When I bounce I tend to meditate. I wondered why I can meditate better while jumping and the answer came that it matched my active brain much better. I usually start meditating by inhaling the name of the yin that I relate to, the earth spirit Ama. I feel the energy of the Universe which is more like light enters my inanimate cells and animates them. Without this spark, all my body is useless material stuff. The stuff is organized into systems, but useless without the breath. I feel this as I inhale. As I exhale, I return the gift of experience to that Universal source, what I call Lu. They are in love, you know, hahaha. Their union happens within me with every breath, and within you, too.
Acuvibe 5003
This not-so-little platform vibrator is a handy dandy tool that gets the energy flowing. It's a bit heavy but it's very good on sore backs and necks that result from inadequate circulation, or just plain tension. It's also good for relieving digestive issues when used on the abdomen. It's a bit loud, but it gets the energy to my head going and feels great on my ears. If you use this, you'll notice that muscles start to itch when the circulation returns, and then after that, you'll notice relief. As a matter of fact, this device is good for lots of things...
inversion swing table
I bought my inversion table on eBay many years ago. When I thought that Lyme's was my major issue, I gave it to a friend because I was told not to use it. However, I think if I had kept using it, it would've helped. As it turned out, the friend never used it even once, and offered it back to me. Now it's on the deck covered with a tarp when not in use. It's kind of big and there wasn't room inside for it. I like it outside because as I hang, I look down at the sky. Very relaxing, good for the back for most people, and helps bring circulation to the brain.

Update July 23, 2015: I found a way to move the inversion table inside. Although I liked spending time outdoors, there were too many mosquitoes who also liked me spending time outdoors. So now it's in my room. The beauty of this not-so-aesthetically pleasing arrangement is that I can use it anytime of day or night. When I wake up in the middle of the night feeling like I need to move if I have any hope of getting back to sleep, upside down I go! It's been working well.

So that made me curious about the benefits for neurological issues, especially Parkinson's of using an inversion table. Also, to be more thorough, certain people should not use this device without medical permission. Those people who are cautioned about using an inversion table are spelled out here, from  Link to hangingupsidedown.org :

"Problems That Can Occur with Inversion Tables

Hanging upside down causes elevated pressure in the eyes. This pressure can exacerbate medical problems associated with glaucoma or retinal detachment, even causing bleeding from the eyes. Since this position also puts pressure on the inner ears, it could also increase the pain in ear related medical issues. The Mayo Clinic does not recommend inversion therapy for people with glaucoma or inner ear health related problems.

While you are hanging from an inverted position, your heartbeat will slow down and your blood pressure increases for a few minutes. This causes your heart to force blood through your body at an elevated rate, which can be dangerous for people with high blood pressure or hypertension.

Inversion therapy is not recommended for bones or fractures that are still healing as they still need time to set into place. Other reasons for not attempting inversion therapy include extreme obesity, a hiatal hernia or any type of surgical implant, including pins or other orthopedic devices.

Inversion tables should never be used by pregnant women. Although a physical exercise using an inversion pose can be beneficial for women who are carrying a breech, even this position should be avoided if the woman has weak abdominal muscles or is experiencing weaker muscles than usual. Hanging upside down can cause large amounts of amniotic fluid to centralize around the baby. Too much amniotic fluid combined with inversion can cause the baby to breech.

Inversion tables will not relieve osteoporosis or arthritic pain, although combined with medical treatment, the conditions can improve. Inversion treatment for weak bones or joints should only be used under medical supervision." 

On one site from Dr Robert M Martin, Author of The Gravity Guiding System, Turning the Aging Process Upside Down: "Hanging upside-down increases blood flow to the brain, which in-turn increases the bioavailability of oxygen and glucose, the two most important metabolic substrates for the brain.  Bathing the brain cells in this vital solution will increase the creation of neurotransmitters (such as norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin), which are imperative for healthy brain function and tend to decrease with age.  Norephinephrine is needed for attention and arousal.  Dopamine is needed to accurately assess the passage of time and control movement. Seratonin regulates a healthy emotional state." Link to Evolution Health

exercise ball
I love my exercise ball. I used to have a ball chair, but I didn't like the plastic chair (from Gaiam). So now it sits on a papasan stand. A smaller stand would be better, maybe one for a papasan stool. Bouncing helps me stay up on dopamine. Sometimes I go to meetings with it. At times people say my constant bouncing makes them dizzy. I say sorry, but I need to move. They understand. If they don't, oh well. Also there are so many exercises uses for a ball; easy to find on the web. 
If you have any other recovery equipment and can offer a review, or would like to ask or comment about any of these pieces of equipment, please comment below.